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Free Domain Name Hosting
Whether you want to transfer your existing domain name from somewhere else, or you don't have one yet and are interested in getting one, Bizhosting can help. Bizhosting will host any domain name free of charge, including popular .to, .tv., and other international domain names, and even offers free subdomain names and registration services for those who don't yet have one.

3 Ways to Get a Domain Name on Bizhosting

A.    Get a FREE domain name for your business (yourname.bizhosting.com)
We offer FREE "yourname.bizhosting.com" names to all our members at the time of signup. There is no charge for this type of domain name now or ever, and you can get started and begin using it instantly.
B. Register a ".com" name or other popular address during our sign-up process. (yourname.com)
If you don't already have a domain name and are interested in registering a popular .com, .net, or international domain name, our easy signup form can help you look for an available name, register it, and have it automatically attached to your store, without ever leaving the signup form.
C. Transfer a domain name to Bizhosting and host it for free! (yourname.com)
If you already have a domain name registered somewhere else, you can transfer it to bizhosting free of charge and use it with your site. Bizhosting does not charge any fee to host your domain, no matter what kind of domain name it is.