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BizHosting collects only aggregate information pertaining to visitors to its network of sites, including domain name, visited pages, referring URLs, and other publicly available information. BizHosting uses this information to help improve its own web site and services, and to customize the content of its pages for each individual subscriber.

BizHosting does not sell or commercially make available specific information about its paid-service subscribers. It does aggregate information about its free-service subscribers, used to sell advertising displayed online to free subscribers.

BizHosting maintains a database of current subscriber information which is used only for internal purposes, including billing for services, providing technical support, and notifying subscribers of changes or enhancements to the service. BizHosting reserves the right to regularly communicate with subscribers pertaining to new services, available products, and special discounts which may be of interest to subscribers. BizHosting may share your subscriber information with its affiliates that are subject to privacy policies that protect your personally identifiable information from disclosure to third parties in a manner similar to this Privacy Policy.

Your browser offers so-called "cookies" which, if you allow their use, store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to any of our sites. Cookies assist us customizing our content based BizHosting subscription features you have visited or used. However, cookies tell us nothing about you personally. For free-service subscribers, our advertisers may also choose to insert cookies in their online ads but we do not have access to them.

BizHosting reserves the right to use or disclose any information without notice or consent as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request; to conduct investigations of consumer complaints or possible breaches of law; to protect the integrity of our site and our property; to protect the safety of our visitors or others; or to cooperate in any legal investigation.

In developing our business, we might sell certain assets or the company, or parts of it, may be sold, merged or otherwise transferred. In such transactions, user information, whether personally identifiable or otherwise, may be one of the transferred assets.

Any BizHosting subscriber may cancel their membership at any time by clicking here . When an account is canceled, all user information is removed from the BizHosting system except that in aggregate form.

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