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Merchant Account Comparison  
  Compare our different merchant accounts. Merchant account services can be used with either the Value Hosting or the Professional Hosting packages. Create a business site today that accepts credit cards by signing up for one of these hosting packages.  
  ProPay* Manual**
Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard and Discover User Selected
Automatic Credit Card Processing Yes No
Fund Transfer Manual  Manual*
Transaction Limit $250 None*
Monthly Volume Limit $1,000 (upgradeable) None*
Per-transaction fee 3.5% of total + $0.35 None*
Credit Card Management Tools Yes Yes
Merchant Account Approval Time Instant N/A
Setup Fee $10 N/A
Monthly Merchant Account Service Fee
(Billed by the merchant bank)
$2.49/month ($29.95 Billed Annually) N/A

*The Propay merchant account is only available to U.S. Residents who are at least 18 years old and have a valid Social Security number. Approval is based on personal financial criteria and is NOT guaranteed.
**To signup for the manual commerce package, you must already have a merchant account and a way to process credit card payments. You will only be able to process payments for credit cards supported by your merchant account.

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