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Features and Tools for Advanced Users
If you are comfortable with HTML and FTP, there are a number of advanced tools to help you manage your site and take it far beyond the capabilities allowed by other web hosting services.

Full FTP Access
You can build your pages using any HTML editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage and then upload them to your web space via FTP. You can also save time by using FTP to upload all your product images at once to your images directory. With FTP you can build a highly customized home page that then links to store pages built and managed with our tools, and get the best of both customization and convenience.

Web-based File Manager & HTML Editor
In addition to FTP, you can use our web-based File Manager and HTML editor to get quick access to all of your pages from any Internet connected computer in the world.

Customizable Site Templates
You can provide the Sitebuilder with a custom HTML template that it will use to build its web pages. This helps your store pages to match any custom uploaded pages, while allowing them to be centrally managed from your Site Admin area.

Mix and Match HTML and Text in Sitebuilder
Our Sitebuilder lets you enter HTML code in just about any text input area. This lets you enhance your pages far beyond the basic functionality of the Sitebuilder without losing the convenience of using our web-based tools.

Free Domain Transfers

Bizhosting will host any type of domain name free of charge. If you already have a domain name registered, you can transfer it to our service for free and use it for your store.

Server-Side Includes and CGI

In addition to our suite of site management tools, Bizhosting also offers a variety of useful CGI's including a guestbook, bulletin board, visitor counter, form emailer, and more. Additionally, our proprietary ISML server-side markup language is at your disposal and allows you to include dynamic content on your pages in a variety of different ways.